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Improve Performance With Our Team Alignment Survey

With over 30 years of human capital experience, TerconPartners has the resources and expertise to enhance your organization’s biggest asset – your employees.

By using our Cross Team Alignment Survey to accurately measure workforce attitudes and behaviors, you can create more successful teams with cooperative collaboration, improved performance, and optimal outcomes.

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A Plan to Build Improved Team Collaboration

We coordinate a comprehensive, step-by-step strategy to build successful teams:

Step 1: The Cross Team Alignment Survey

Step 2: The Joint Team Workshop

Step 3: The Follow-Up Process

Team assessment is just the first step.

Once you know the issues you should address, TerconPartners facilitates an engaging workshop to brainstorm ideas and work on building better relationships within your workforce.

Successful teams are critical to the overall health of your organization. Low productivity, employee turnover, decreased engagement and motivation can cost businesses millions of dollars.

Protect your biggest investment – your people – with our Cross Team Alignment strategy.

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Collaborate with Tercon Partners

We are globally-recognized executive leadership experts.

We work with your organization to ensure that your most valuable resources – your leaders and teams – are fully leveraged so that your enterprise can achieve optimal results.

For the last 15 years, we’ve applied our Cross Team Alignment Survey for the benefit of the following business sectors:


Corporate IT


Field Operations


Joint Venture Management Teams

Sales Teams

Product Development Teams

Our Cross Team Alignment Survey is part of our larger core capabilities, including:

  • Facilitating Organizational Alignment

  • Building Engaging Work Cultures

  • Developing Resilient Leaders

  • Cultivating High-Performing Teams

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  • Discuss your goals and challenges with an executive leadership expert.
  • Get a better understanding of the business analysis and management solutions we employ.
  • Get great advice and strategies to help you in achieving your business goals.
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