Celebrating 30 years of Delivering Quantifiable Improvements in Team, Leader and Organizational Performance around the globe.

We partner with clients to achieve exceptional results by ensuring that people and processes are fully aligned with the Organization’s Mission and Business Objectives. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. Area, TerconPartners has a registered office in Australia and alliance partners in the U.K., Europe, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

TPI has worked with over 30 cultures in organizations across five continents. Our knowledgeable consultants located around the globe bring practical strategies for reducing cultural barriers and increasing meaningful dialogue that leads to mutually beneficial business outcomes.

TerconPartners’ Performance Improvement EXCELerator™

Our Executive Team was badly misaligned on key issues and communication had become hostile during team meetings. We asked TerconPartners to help us quickly get back on-track. Their “Clear the Air” process helped us uncover and resolve key issues that had been affecting our performance for much too long.

-A senior manager in a global engineering firm

Our Methodology

Solution-focused: TPI partners with clients to design and implement customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. We measure periodically to ensure that sustainable improvements are being achieved in critical KPI’s, and take action to course-correct if not.

Metrics-Driven: TPI offers a variety of well-researched and globally validated assessments for quantifying performance at the organization, team and individual levels. Through these assessments issues can be identified that if left unaddressed, could become costly and/or impact enterprise or team performance.

TerconPartners’ Performance EXCELerator™ methodology is based on:

30 years of highly experienced hands-on field experience advising organizations and leadership teams across five continents

Multiple consultant observations over time

Best Practices gleaned from the most recent research in the behavioral science