Based on your quiz results, your team may not be fully aligned.

The bad news? Unresolved team conflict can lead to high employee turnover, a permanently divided team, low productivity and more.

The good news is that there are best practices that teams can adopt to significantly reduce the amount of unhealthy conflict that occurs within a team.

Next Steps:

Assess Your Team’s Functioning with the High Performing Team Survey™

If your team’s performance has declined and the root cause needs to be identified, this survey can identify strengths and weaknesses and help leaders come up with a solution. This survey takes a pulse check of a single team or entire organization on 8 critical dimensions of team performance, including clarity of roles and responsibilities and their ability to deal with conflict.

As a result of the survey, TerconPartners will also provide a High Performing Teams Report which provides both quantitative analysis of the 64 survey questions and a qualitative analysis of key themes from three customized open-ended questions. Recommendations for addressing low score areas area also provided so that your team can get back to optimal functioning as quickly as possible.

Download more information about the Cross-Team Alignment Survey.

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