TPI’s HIGH PERFORMING Leader 360 Assessment™ – Another Method for Assessing & Developing Skilled Leaders

  • 360 assessments provide leaders with invaluable insight into how others see their performance in the work environment.
  • TPI’s proprietary 360 Assessment has been used successfully for over 15 years by our clients in government agencies, technology firms, utilities, energy, banking and many other sectors.

Features of TPI’s High Performing Leader 360 Assessment & Coaching Program

Leaders receive both quantitative and qualitative feedback from four rater groups:

The Leader’s self-assessment

Supervisor feedback

Peer feedback

Customer feedback

The last section of the survey provides the rater opportunity to respond to open-ended questions about what the leader should start, stop and continue doing in order to be more successful as an organizational leader.

Five key benefits leaders receive from TPI’s 360 Assessment:

  1. Increased self-awareness
  2. A balanced view of how others see their behavior as a leader
  3. The opportunity to identify and leverage their strengths
  4. A better understanding of the impact of their “blind spots”
  5. Identification of their development needs

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