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Delivering Quantifiable Improvements in Capital Project Performance

TPI’s globally-validated methodology ensures increased predictability in capital allocations, more robust insights into financial risk exposure, and sustainable improvements in project execution.

Our Performance EXCELerator™ Methodology is based on:

30 years of hands-on field experience with over 300 clients on five continents

Consultant expertise from a global faculty of subject matter specialists

Multiple consultant observations and interventions over time

Best practices gleaned from applied research in the behavioral sciences

“With larger and more complex projects to handle, I believe our company needs on-going organizational capability development – it’s essential, not optional. TerconPartners’ project performance assessments have helped our projects improve efficiencies and reduce cycle time. Our project leaders and team members have improved teaming skills and benefited from TPI’s performance coaching support.”

-Project Executive, Fortune 50 Oil Company



Organizational performance improvement tools, solutions and expert advisory


Capital Projects

on five continents


Large & Mega Sites

where the last 10 averaged $15 Billion each

TerconPartners Core Services for Capital Projects

  • Establish project governance and assurance processes/procedures/structures – ensure alignment with business objectives
  • Support the client organization’s structure
  • Prepare/Review key project deliverables per phase
  • Develop project execution strategies and plans
  • Ensure that essential organizational capabilities are available
  • Maintain focus on strategic objectives > reduce “fire-fighting”
  • Build collaborative relationships with key stakeholders & partners
  • Establish a high trust/high commitment project culture
  • Ensure interpersonal, technical and management skills & competency profiles are established for all key positions -assess individual competency levels as needed
  • Ensure roles, responsibilities, and interdependencies are clearly defined
  • Support vertical & horizontal integration of teams across geographical locations
  • Provide coaching and support for on-time delivery of key deliverables and milestones
  • Identify & discuss key business drivers for each partner and potential impact on teaming behavior
  • Assist in identification of and removal of relationship barriers that could negatively impact project performance
  • Facilitate timely resolution of potentially costly conflicts/disagreements
  • Leverage individual and collective strengths for superior project performance
  • Bench markable database of over 250 projects & teams
  • Well-researched suite of globally validated instruments for assessing performance at the: project/enterprise level, individual team & sub-team level, project leader level individual project professional level

“TPI’s EXCELerator technology, performance diagnostics, and skill-building modules have produced measurable improvements in the key project metrics of cost, schedule, quality and safety for projects across the globe. Teams are able to spot current and/or emerging problems quickly and respond before performance erodes.”

– Engineering Manager, Design Build Construction Project

TerconPartners’ Project EXCELerator™ System

TerconPartners’ High Performing Team Methodology

Alignment is the foundational principle of TPI’s approach to developing and sustaining high performing teams.

  • When teams are fully aligned, members are focused on common goals, understand their roles & responsibilities, collaborate to solve problems and resolve performance problems quickly.
  • When teams are not aligned, communication breakdowns are common, deadlines get missed, re-work increases and costs frequently escalate.
  • Achieving alignment is essential for a team to: Achieve the Extraordinary
  • We use proven methods and metrics that accelerate Team Transformation



Options for Coaching Individuals and Teams









  • Increase capability to meet expectations
  • Support professional development
  • The leader
  • (Optional) Leadership Sponsor
  • Clarify expectations
  • Face-to-face dialogue
  • Goal-setting and action planning
  • Selected behavioral and leadership assessments
  • Customized 360-feedback
  • Identified goals are accomplished
  • Increase capability to meet expectations
  • Support professional development
  • Leadership Team
  • Special focus teams 
  • Articulation of mission, vision, strategy and goals
  • Gap analysis
  • Team building 
  • Leadership and organizational assessments
  • Strategy roadmap
  • Appreciative inquiry protocols 
  • Identified goals are accomplished

Tercons’ Approach to Coaching Leaders

  • As coaches, Tercon Partners creates strong partnerships with our clients as they face new and complex challenges both with their organizations and with outside stakeholders, as they carry out the strategic intent of their organization.
  • Individual Coaching: Done on a confidential basis and focused on increasing self-awareness, strengthening leadership performance, and improving relationship management.
  • Leadership Team Coaching: Focuses on improving overall team performance by ensuring alignment, increasing openness and collaboration, and removing potential barriers to team productivity, and efficiency.
  • TPI’s highly qualified, certified coaches provide expert coaching for leaders in government, and for commercial clients and Fortune 50 companies. Our coaches are skillful at helping leaders identify ways to leverage their strengths. And, as outside third-party professionals, they also add value by challenging a client’s assumptions and identifying development needs or potential career derailers the leader may not be fully aware of.

Introducing TPI’s globally validated metrics for
measuring overall project, project team and project leader performance

Project Team Alignment Survey™
Over the past 15 years, TPI’s Project Team Alignment Index™ has been administered to multiple project teams around the globe. Our database contains:

  • 223 major projects and team engagements
  • 9,200 individual responses
  • 84% response rate overall
  • 25 oil & gas firms represented
  • 22 engineering and construction firms represented
  • Diverse representation of over 25 different nationalities
  • 12 -year survey history and trend lines
  • 78% of survey respondents in the Engineering, Procurement Construction project phase

Cross Team Alignment Survey™

Value Added: This survey provides a detailed analysis of how effectively two or more teams or functional groups are working together to produce a specific business result. Eight critical performance dimensions are measured including Timeliness of Communication and Mutual Accountability.

When to Use: The survey is often used to improve alignment between two functions or project teams whose performance needs to improve, or in cross­ team relationships where unresolved conflict exists. It is also valuable in re­establishing alignment after a period of significant organizational growth or change. This survey is equally applicable internally across teams and functional groups, and externally with outside stakeholders and in company/contractor relationships.

Outcomes Delivered: After completing the survey on-line, the participating teams attend a facilitated session to review survey results and develop Action Plans to address high priority improvement needs. Participating teams report an immediate improvement in the quality of cross-team communication, as well as measurable increases in efficiency in accomplishing their work priorities.

Project Leader 360 Assessment™

TPI’s Project Leader 360 Assessment™ was developed based on TPI’s global capital project consulting while working closely with Fortune 50 organizations and their project leaders over the past 20 years. Today, it is used by TPI clients in sectors including high tech, commercial banking, communications, manufacturing and government.

Survey data provides individual leaders and their organizations valuable feedback on behaviors directly associated with effective team leadership including government agencies, high tech companies, commercial banking, communications, manufacturing and many others.

High Performing Leader 360 Assessment

Another Method for Assessing & Developing Skilled Leaders

  • 360 assessments provide leaders with invaluable insight into how others see their performance in the work environment.
  • TPI’s proprietary 360 Assessment has been used successfully for over 15 years by our clients in government agencies, technology firms, utilities, energy, banking and many other sectors.

Resource Center for Growing & Developing Project Delivery Excellence

Welcome to the PROJECT DELIVERY EXCELLENCE Resource Center. Based on 30 years of hands-on consulting with clients from over thirty-five different industries and market sectors, TPI has developed a library of practical, user-friendly tools for accelerating the development of Project Delivery Excellence.

We will be happy to discuss your organization’s specific development needs, and then suggest which TPI tools and processes could address those needs most efficiently and effectively. Please fill out the form below for more information.

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Featured Tools

Project Team Health Check

Conflict Flashpoints Survey

Team Meeting Evaluation

Skill Building Courses for Project Leaders & Professionals

  • How to Get a Project Team Up & Running
  • Best Practices for Coaching & Developing Others***
  • Best Practices for Leading Multi-Cultural Teams
  • How to Resolve Conflicts Constructively & Successfully ***
  • How to Build & Maintain a High Performing Project Team

  • Communicating with Skill and Impact***
  • Emotional Intelligence Basics for Technical Professionals
  • How to Create a High Trust/High Commitment Team Culture
  • Career Transitions: Moving from Technical Expert to Expert Leader

Customized Courses

Client- Specific: TPI expert instructional designers develop customized training solutions targeted to the development needs of the client.

Program Length: Length can vary from half-day skill building modules to multi-day courses and organization-wide programs.

Off- the Shelf Courses

Many of these courses have been delivered worldwide. All of them are continuously updated to reflect the latest research and to ensure the content is relevant to client needs.

Training delivery – Our knowledgeable facilitators are subject matter experts in their delivery topics areas, and have many years of classroom and virtual training experience.

For more detailed information about these and other courses available through TerconPartners, contact us at +1-703-388-0059, or email us at info@terconpartners.com.