High Performing Organizations

“You know it when you see it…”

When you walk into a high performing organization you can feel the difference from other organizations you’ve been in. Instead of just going through the motions, people are energized and engaged in their work. If you speak with them, you can tell that they’re confident about their organization’s direction and they understand their role in helping the organization achieve its objectives.

TPI has a rich resource pool of tools, processes and best practices for accelerating to high performance.

Over the past 30 years, TerconPartners has consulted for companies in energy, petrochemicals, technology, banking, manufacturing and many more sectors including government. As expected, each client had a key need driving their search for advice and solutions e.g. improving operating efficiencies, developing their leaders, improving team performance, reducing costs or resolving a potentially costly conflict with a key contractor.

  • TerconPartners has an enviable 30- year track record helping companies build sustainable organizational capability, minimize risk and achieve business objectives.
  • We’re adept at providing practical solutions for our client’s most difficult challenges.
  • We ensure that the client’s investment in a performance improvement initiative achieves R.O.I. objectives.


What distinguishes a true HPO’s from other organizations?
Four Critical Business Measures are often used to determine if an organization qualifies as a High Performer.

How does your company compare to the HPO model?

TerconPartners’ research identified five core elements that support sustained high performance. In other words, when these elements are present, a company is more likely to be experiencing Revenue Growth, increased Market Share, improved Profitability and high Customer Satisfaction.

Take this survey to learn how your company scores on the Five Essential Building Blocks of a High Performing Organizational Culture.

“Our bank was experiencing rapid growth and expansion and we knew we needed outside assistance in managing the transition to more complex systems, additional locations and doubling the employee base. TerconPartners brought change management expertise and innovative processes for keeping employees engaged as “change champions”. They also designed a “Key Messaging Plan” that kept everyone current on what to expect during each stage of the transformation.”

-Sr. Vice President of HR, rapidly growing Commercial Bank

The Level of Employee Engagement has a Significant Impact on Organizational Performance…

In order for a company to excel in the four measures of business performance, Revenue Growth, Market Share, Profitability and Customer Satisfaction, it first takes motivated and engaged employees.

How engaged are the employees in your company?

Complete the TerconPartners’ Engagement Index™ as you think they might answer the 10 questions.

SKILLED LEADERS: An Essential Ingredient for Achieving
HIGH PERFORMANCE as an Organization

Inspirational Leaders who are passionate about driving the organization forward to meet new challenges and maximize new opportunities are the catalysts for achieving & sustaining the four critical measures of High Performance:

  1. Revenue Growth
  2. Market Share
  3. Profitability
  4. Customer Satisfaction

Over the past 30 years, TerconPartners has developed a variety of tools, performance assessments and training/coaching programs to assist companies in establishing high performance cultures and implementing HPO best practices.


Resource Center for Building High Performing Organizations

Welcome to the HIGH PERFORMING ORGANIZATIONS Resource Center. Based on 30 years of hands-on consulting with clients from over thirty-five different industries and market sectors, TPI has developed a library of practical, user-friendly tools for accelerating the development of High Performing Organizations.

We will be happy to discuss your organization’s specific development needs, and then suggest which TPI tools and processes could address those needs most efficiently and effectively. Please fill out the form below for more information.

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Featured Tools & Assessments

Change Management Checklist

Stakeholder Analysis

Employee Engagement

Training Courses that Build & Sustain High Performing Organizations

Strategies for Leading Successful Change Initiatives (One day) Learn More

Keys to Empowering & Engaging Your Workforce (One day)

How the Best Companies Retain Their Best Talent (One day)

Developing the Next Generation of Company Leaders Today (One day)

Customized Courses

Client- Specific: TPI expert instructional designers develop customized training solutions targeted to the development needs of the client.

Program Length: Length can vary from half-day skill building modules to multi-day courses and organization-wide programs.

Off- the Shelf Courses

Many of these courses have been delivered worldwide. All of them are continuously updated to reflect the latest research and to ensure the content is relevant to client needs.

Training delivery – Our knowledgeable facilitators are subject matter experts in their delivery topics areas, and have many years of classroom and virtual training experience.

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