TPI’s Cross-team Alignment Survey™

Value Added: This survey provides a detailed analysis of how effectively two or more teams or functional groups are working together to produce a specific
business result. Eight critical performance dimensions are measured including Timeliness of Communication and Mutual Accountability.

When to Use: The survey is often used to improve alignment between two functions or project teams whose performance needs to improve, or in cross­ team relationships where unresolved conflict exists. It is also valuable in re­establishing alignment after a period of significant organizational growth or change. This survey is equally applicable internally across teams and functional groups, and externally with outside stakeholders and in company/contractor relationships.

Outcomes Delivered: After completing the survey on-line, the participating teams attend a facilitated session to review survey results and develop Action Plans to address high priority improvement needs. Participating teams report an immediate improvement in the quality of cross-team communication, as well as measurable increases in efficiency in accomplishing their work priorities.