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TPI is a global leader in team performance

Organizations are more networked, more flexible, and are more dynamic than ever before. And they rely more and more on work teams to enhance productivity, drive innovation and get new initiatives up and running quickly.

TPI’s first-hand experience has revealed that many organizations underestimate the level of support required to maximize the value that teams can add to their bottom line. Simply putting teams in place does not ensure great results.

Best Practices for Newly Formed Teams:
A better approach to harnessing the power of teams is to create a Team Development Plan and Process that provides for skill-building and coaching for team leaders and members in core teaming skills. When this can be done near the beginning of the team’s journey, teams will hit the ground running and begin contributing to the organization’s success in a much shorter timeframe.

Best Practices for Experienced Teams:
Members of established teams can benefit from periodic feedback from each other. The practice of peer feedback fosters a partnership relationship and builds mutual commitment and accountability for team success. TPI’s “Peer Feedback Team Tool” provides a simple Peer Feedback process and is used by many of our High Performing Team clients.

TerconPartners is a global leader in Team Performance Improvement

TPI’s Performance EXCELerator™ technology has helped hundreds of new and established teams become more focused, productive and aligned to deliver high quality results in less time and at lower costs. Based on thirty years of team research and hands-on field experience, TerconPartners has developed a practical understanding of what it takes to fully leverage the power of teams for breakthroughs in organizational performance.

“Alignment is the Essence of Effective Management.”
Fred Smith, CEO of Federal Express

Based upon 30 years of hands-on experience in the field with over 2500 teams, TPI knows first-hand that Alignment is essential for teams to become High Performing Teams.

Our copyrighted processes and tools for achieving and sustaining Team Alignment have been used by hundreds of teams around the world in companies such as Dow Chemical, Chevron, the American Academy of Family Physicians, Pacific Gas & Electric and government agencies including HHS, Treasury, HUD and the EPA.


  1. People and processes are seamlessly aligned with the team’s mission and deliverables.
  2. Team roles, responsibilities and accountabilities are clearly defined.
  3. Work priorities and deadlines are clearly understood.
  4. Disagreements are resolved proactively, rather than being allowed to build into bigger issues.
  5. Team members trust each other to behave in the best interests of the team.
  6. The real issues get on the table for open discussion
  7. Team members get the information they need to do their jobs on a timely basis.
  8. Team members have sufficient access to decision-makers to keep things moving.

Our approach is to focus upon:

  • A compelling Mission or Purpose
  • Clear Goals & Performance Measures
  • Well-defined Roles, Responsibilities and Interdependencies
  • A Shared Commitment to the Team’s Success
  • Competent Team Members – including both Technical & Interpersonal skills
  • Collaborative relationships built on Trust
  • Principled Leadership
  • External Support and Recognition

Unfortunately, these elements do not spontaneously materialize when a team is formed. They are outcomes of a well-designed Team Development Process.

Outcomes You Can Expect:

TPI has introduced our team performance methodology to hundreds of teams from a variety of industries and government entities across the globe. Clients who have used the Team EXCELerator™ methodology frequently identify the following outcomes as typical of their experience:

Our team has been able to sustain the alignment related to objectives, priorities and performance expectations we achieved in the workshop. 

There’s a noticeable increase in members of our team taking ownership for result.
– Downstream Project Manager, Global LNG Project

Our team’s ability to spot potential problems quickly and prevent schedule delays has improved our overall performance ratings. 
– Director of Patient Services, Regional Medical Center

Our team is better at responding to set-backs and business challenges since the workshop – we’re more resilient as a team taking ownership for results and pitching in to help each other out.
– Construction Manager, Global Engineering Firm

Our team is much better at managing risk by minimizing disruptions from unanticipated results – we’re committed to no surprises!
– HR Director, Management Consulting Firm

Our team has become more efficient as a result of work process improvement techniques demonstrated in the workshop and communication has improved.
– Senior Procurement Manager, Federal Government Agency

TerconPartners’ High Performing Team Methodology

Alignment is the foundational principle of TPI’s approach to developing and sustaining high performing teams.

  • When teams are fully aligned, members are focused on common goals, understand their roles & responsibilities, collaborate to solve problems and resolve performance problems quickly.
  • When teams are not aligned, communication breakdowns are common, deadlines get missed, re-work increases and costs frequently escalate.
  • Achieving alignment is essential for a team to: Achieve the Extraordinary
  • We use proven methods and metrics that accelerate Team Transformation

EXCELerator™ Tools for Enhancing Team Performance

  • Teaming Skills for Team Leaders & Team Members
  • Leading Multiple Culture Teams™
  • Vertical & Horizontal Team Integration Matrix™
  • Aligning Business Partners and Joint Ventures™
  • Teaming Skills Toolkit™
  • High Performing Team Survey™
  • Cross-Team Alignment Survey™
  • Team Trust Index™

Unresolved team conflict can derail even the best Performing Teams

Sometimes busy teams don’t take the time to address issues about which some team members don’t agree, or when an issue may be “uncomfortable” for some team members to discuss. Instead, the issue gets swept under the rug and everyone hopes that it will eventually go away.

TerconPartners’ research with hundreds of teams in the commercial, non-profit and government sectors has demonstrated that these potential Flashpoint Issues rarely go away on their own. Does Your Team have any ticking time bomb issues? Take TPl’s Conflict Flashpoints Assessment™ to find out.

Healthy Interpersonal Norms – “The Special Sauce” for Exceptional Team Performance

Recent team studies have confirmed that how teams work together is equally as important for success as what they do together, e.g. Solve, create, or produce together. We have found that:

Task Level – What we Do?

  • Report progress to plan
  • Make decisions/solve problems
  • Communicate to stakeholders
  • Manage change and transitions
  • Manage scope, cost, schedule and quality
  • Evaluate performance

Interpersonal LevelHow we relate to each other to accomplish results?

  • Listening quality
  • Degree of mutual respect that exists
  • How conflicts are resolved (or not).
  • Behavior under stress
  • Openness to others’ ideas
  • Receptivity to feedback and/or coaching
  • How cultural differences are dealt with

Resource Center for Aligned Teams

Welcome to the ALIGNED TEAMS Resource Center. Based on 30 years of hands-on consulting with clients from over thirty-five different industries and market sectors, TPI has developed a library of practical, user-friendly tools for accelerating the development of Aligned Teams.

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 Featured Tools & Surveys

Communication Practices of High Performing Teams™

High Performing Teams Survey™

Cross-Team Alignment Survey™

Training Courses for Aligned Teams

Essential Teaming Skills for Leaders & Teams (one day)

Advanced Teaming Skills for Leaders & Teams (one day)

Coaching Skills for Improved Team Performance for Team Leaders and Managers (one day)

Moving from Conflict to a Collaboration: Best Practices for Creating a High Performing Team Culture (one day) Learn More

TPI Offers Corporate Team Building

Customized Team Building Workshops & Events

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Team Learning Agility Assessment & Application Workshops

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Client- Specific: TPI expert instructional designers develop customized training solutions targeted to the development needs of the client.

Program Length: Length can vary from half-day skill building modules to multi-day courses and organization-wide programs.

Off- the Shelf Courses

Many of these courses have been delivered worldwide. All of them are continuously updated to reflect the latest research and to ensure the content is relevant to client needs.

Training delivery – Our knowledgeable facilitators are subject matter experts in their delivery topics areas, and have many years of classroom and virtual training experience.

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