Leader Learning Agility

What distinguishes an “Agile” Leader from Other Leaders? This state of the art program includes assessment, expert coaching and optional classroom training, and is based on the recently emerged science of Learning Agility.

Learning Agile Leaders

  • Learn from experience-both successes and failures
  • Possess cognitive, attitudinal, and behavioral flexibility
  • Continually grow, develop, and evolve


1. Are critical and strategic thinkers– Cognitive Perspective

2. Understand others and work with them effectively– Interpersonal Acumen

3. Possess an insatiable appetite for change and innovation– Change Alacrity

4. Are highly motivated to get things done– Drive to Excel

5. Are mindful of their environment– Environmental Mindfulness

6. Seek and respond well to feedback– Feedback Responsiveness

7. Understand themselves and their strengths, weaknesses, etc.– Self-Insight

Important Facts About Learning Agility

  • Different than IQ -you cannot predict one from the other
  • Predicts future performance in new roles
  • Normally distributed in population
  • No significant differences by age, gender, etc.
  • Can be developed
  • Needed by leaders today