Agile Leaders

Less than 2/3’s of leaders in Fortune 100 companies surveyed in 2015 considered themselves to be agile leaders. Only 18% were highly confident they could meet the challenges of accelerating change and uncertainty.


Does your company have a strategy for preparing the next generation of leaders to guide it through times of increasing volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity?

TerconPartners has the knowledge, tools and experience to ensure that your company can confidently address the challenge of preparing new leaders to step up the plate – as well as the expertise to assess and coach current leaders to deliver breakthrough results.

TPI’s Whitepaper:
The New Business Imperative

TerconPartners offers programs to guide the development of agile leaders who learn quickly from their experiences and perform well under constantly changing circumstances.

Leader Learning Agility

What distinguishes an “Agile” Leader from Other Leaders? This state of the art program includes assessment, expert coaching and optional classroom training, and is based on the recently emerged science of Learning Agility.

“TerconPartners developed a program for our company to prepare a group of Senior Managers to lead a major change initiative. Participants found the Learning Agility Assessment and coaching sessions very helpful in understanding their strengths and development needs regarding leading change, dealing with resistance and maintaining employee trust of leadership.”

-VP Organizational Development, Regional Utility

Current research indicates that Learning Agility is a strong predictor of leadership success because people who are Learning Agile more readily absorb new skills, behaviors and insights that carry them forward into new and unfamiliar situations.



TerconPartners’ integrated Program for:

1.) Assessing current levels of Learning Agility in an organization

2.) Building essential competencies for successfully leading teams and organizations in the VUCA environment.

Who can benefit from this Program?

Organizations that want to retain/develop their talent and make leadership decisions by using hard data and science to measure leadership potential.

Early to mid-career professionals who wish to sharpen their skills and strengthen behaviors required for key leadership positions in the next 2-5 years.

Experienced leaders and managers who want to update their skills to improve the results they’ve been getting and expand their career options.

TPI’s HIGH PERFORMING Leader 360 Assessment™ – Another Method for Assessing & Developing Skilled Leaders

  • 360 assessments provide leaders with invaluable insight into how others see their performance in the work environment.
  • TPI’s proprietary 360 Assessment has been used successfully for over 15 years by our clients in government agencies, technology firms, utilities, energy, banking and many other sectors.

TPI’s Project Leader 360 Assessment™

TPI’s Project Leader 360 Assessment™ was developed based on TPI’s global capital project consulting while working closely with Fortune 50 organizations and their project leaders over the past 20 years. Today, it is used by TPI clients in sectors including high tech, commercial banking, communications, manufacturing and government.

Survey data provides individual leaders and their organizations valuable feedback on behaviors directly associated with effective team leadership including government agencies, high tech companies, commercial banking, communications, manufacturing and many others.

TPI’ s customized Coaching Program provides leaders the opportunity to work one-on-one with a development coach to address the highest priority development needs and leverage their strengths. *Sessions can be either face-to-face or virtual. Contact TerconPartners at 703-388-0059 or email to info@terconpartners.com.

What is the best way to select a coach for you or your company?

In a recent study by Industry Week, experienced professional coaches were asked to identify what criteria were most important when selecting a professional coach?

(Percentages of respondents who ranked these qualifications as “very important”)

TerconPartners easily meets and exceeds the three most important criteria identified in the survey:

  • Variety of Coaching Settings Served: TerconPartners’ coaches have had many years of experience coaching in a wide variety of industries including: Fortune 50 companies, small regional companies and government agencies.
  • Clear Methodology: Our proprietary methodology is embedded in a comprehensive 7 Step Coaching Model. The model ensures that each participant has the opportunity to achieve his/her development goals and the client organization’s program objectives are accomplished.
  • Quality of Client List: Our client list includes corporate giants such as Chevron, Dow Chemical, and Monsanto, as well as non-profits such as the American Academy of Family Physicians, and government agencies including Treasury, HHS, DOJ and HUD.

Options for Coaching Individuals and Teams









  • Increase capability to meet expectations
  • Support professional development
  • The leader
  • (Optional) Leadership Sponsor
  • Clarify expectations
  • Face-to-face dialogue
  • Goal-setting and action planning
  • Selected behavioral and leadership assessments
  • Customized 360-feedback
  • Identified goals are accomplished
  • Increase capability to meet expectations
  • Support professional development
  • Leadership Team
  • Special focus teams 
  • Articulation of mission, vision, strategy and goals
  • Gap analysis
  • Team building 
  • Leadership and organizational assessments
  • Strategy roadmap
  • Appreciative inquiry protocols 
  • Identified goals are accomplished

Tercons’ Approach to Coaching Leaders

  • As coaches, Tercon Partners creates strong partnerships with our clients as they face new and complex challenges both with their organizations and with outside stakeholders, as they carry out the strategic intent of their organization.
  • Individual Coaching: Done on a confidential basis and focused on increasing self-awareness, strengthening leadership performance, and improving relationship management.
  • Leadership Team Coaching: Focuses on improving overall team performance by ensuring alignment, increasing openness and collaboration, and removing potential barriers to team productivity, and efficiency.
  • TPI’s highly qualified, certified coaches provide expert coaching for leaders in government, and for commercial clients and Fortune 50 companies. Our coaches are skillful at helping leaders identify ways to leverage their strengths. And, as outside third-party professionals, they also add value by challenging a client’s assumptions and identifying development needs or potential career derailers the leader may not be fully aware of.

Resource Center for Developing Agile Leaders

Welcome to the AGILE LEADERS Resource Center. Based on 30 years of hands-on consulting with clients from over thirty-five different industries and market sectors, TPI has developed a library of practical, user-friendly tools for accelerating the development of Agile Leaders.

We will be happy to discuss your organization’s specific development needs, and then suggest which TPI tools and processes could address those needs most efficiently and effectively. Please fill out the form below for more information.

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Featured Tools & Assessments

How Leaders Sustain Trust

Manager vs. Leader

A Short Course in Leadership

Training Courses that Expand Leader Agility

Introduction to Learning Agility via the Talent X’s 7 Assessment™ (1 ½ Days) Learn More

Leading in a World of Constant Change: Empowering, Coaching & Holding People Accountable for Results (two days)

Essential Skills for Coaching & Developing Millennials & Others (one day)

How to Build a Learning Agile Leadership Team (1 ½ days)

TPI Offers Corporate Team Building

Customized Team Building Workshops & Events

Executive Team Building Retreats & Strategic Planning Sessions

Team Learning Agility Assessment & Application Workshops

Customized Courses

Client- Specific: TPI expert instructional designers develop customized training solutions targeted to the development needs of the client.

Program Length: Length can vary from half-day skill building modules to multi-day courses and organization-wide programs.

Off- the Shelf Courses

Many of these courses have been delivered worldwide. All of them are continuously updated to reflect the latest research and to ensure the content is relevant to client needs.

Training delivery – Our knowledgeable facilitators are subject matter experts in their delivery topics areas, and have many years of classroom and virtual training experience.

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