Major Schedule Delay Prevented in a Chemicals Mega-Project


Meet the schedule milestone for installation of the plant automation system for a massive chemical complex being constructed in the Middle East.


The Joint Venture Partners of an 8 billion- dollar mega-project were concerned that the overall project schedule was at risk due to poor performance of a key contractor responsible for installation of the site automation system.

TerconPartners Actions Taken:

Initial interviews of members of the project’s Integrated Leadership Team and selected technical leaders were conducted and analyzed. TPI identified 4 critical contributors to the contractor’s poor performance: unclear and conflicting communication across global contractor locations, an inefficient change management process, weak contractor interface management, and skills gaps in contractor role requirements.

TPI recommended a sequence of actions to address

Ineffective communication and meeting management processes, clearly
articulate team interfaces and interdependencies, and develop an appropriate change management process. Improve Meeting Management & Communication Practices. Contractor and owner team members attended sessions using TPl’s Performance EXCELerator Toolkit™ which included skill-building, and sharing best practices for productive virtual and face-to-face meetings.

To provide continuity and support, participants also received access to the Toolkit’s meeting best practices. Develop & Implement a Phase-Appropriate Change Management Process.  TPI facilitated several work sessions with key project leaders to update and enhance the change management process for the construction phase of the project. A critical commitment was implementing a process for communicating changes down through their project organizations. Strengthen Interface Management.

TPI worked with the Integrated Project Leadership Team to assess strengths and weaknesses across project interfaces to clearly define protocols for ensuring a more robust, and consistent process that would improve performance. Resource Review and Re-Balancing. TPI utilized its EXCELerator tools to identify skill gaps within the contractor team, and provided targeted leader coaching to build performance skills. Outcomes Achieved.

Specific actions implemented included

Weekly review meetings were restructured, agendas and expected meeting outcomes are communicated to participants in advance, the “right” participants are attending meetings, coaching for contractor skill gaps, and change communications are cascaded throughout the organization. The overall quality of team communications increased by 27% as measured by TPl’s Project Team Alignment Survey™. Sustainable improvement outcomes are: productivity and efficiency have increased in the contractor organization, and collaboration between contractor and owner teams has improved.