Aligned Teams Drive Improved Business Outcomes


A Global manufacturer of software for mobile phones.

The Problem

The client was under intense pressure to get their new product to market before their competition. Meanwhile, the software engineering teams in three different locations were blaming each other for breakdowns in communication, and accusing each other of causing schedule delays that could cause the project to fail.

Actions Taken by TPI

TPI conducted interviews with members of the elite, multi-national teams to determine the primary causes of misalignment and the issues driving the interpersonal conflicts.

Next, the consultant selected tools from TPI’s High Performing Team Toolkit™ to introduce to the teams during a two-day Alignment Workshop for representatives from the three locations and the client’s Corporate Management. During the workshop the following actions were accomplished:

  1. Team member roles, responsibilities & accountabilities were clearly defined.
  2. A mutually-agreed to problem-solving process was established.
  3. TPI’s “Best Practices” for Virtual Team Communication were introduced and adopted by the teams. TPI was asked to provide on-going coaching and feedback to the team over the next three months to ensure workshop commitments were being followed.


The project was completed six weeks prior to the deadline set by Corporate Management. The client estimated that an additional 9– 12% in projected revenues would be realized as a result of the amount of schedule that had been gained.

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