TerconPartners Experience

We use proven methods and metrics to facilitate team and organizational transformation

Experience Factor 1: Global Reach

TerconPartners has had the privilege of working with clients from over thirty countries during the past years. As a result, we have developed a Cultural Resource Library that contains best practices for working across cultures successfully  to achieve desired business results.

For more information, contact us at +1-703-388-0059, or at info@tercon.com.

Experience Factor 2: EXCELerator Methodology

Our Performance EXCELerator™ Methodology is based on:

30 years of hands-on field experience with over 300 clients on five continents

Consultant expertise from a global faculty of subject matter specialists

Multiple consultant observations and interventions over time

Best practices gleaned from applied research in the behavioral sciences

Experience Factor 3: Our Consulting Capabilities

  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Leader & Team Development
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Organizational Re-design
  • Program & Project Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Complex Conflict Resolution
  • Talent Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lean Six Sigma & C.I.
  • Project Delivery Assurance
  • Instructional Design

TerconPartners Case Studies

As a global Organizational Development firm celebrating 30 years in business, TPI has consulting for a wide variety of business and industry sectors, as well as for government agencies and municipalities. A theme that runs through TPI’s case studies is the critical importance of choosing the right diagnostic or assessment as a first step in helping the client solve a pressing challenge.  Armed with this data and input from selected client interviews, TPI designs a fit-for-purpose solution that will deliver sustainable performance improvement in the area targeted for improvement.

The following case studies were selected to demonstrate the diversity of TerconPartners’ client base, the caliber of our consulting team and the quality and variety of our proprietary tools and processes.

Five years ago, Google became focused on building the “perfect team”. During Project Aristotle, as the initiative was named, hundreds of Google’s teams were studied to try to find out why some stumbled yet others soared. Differentiators studied included member personality styles, educational backgrounds, similarity of interests, and whether they had participated in team training courses.

TerconPatners was contacted by the CEO of a software company that had been in business for about ten years and had a successful track that clearly qualified it to be described as an “HPO” in terms of three of the four financial measures of High Performance: Revenue Growth, Profitability, and Customer Satisfaction. And, they were on a growth curve that should lead to a significantly increased Market Share.

A Fortune 50 oil company was constructing a Liquefied Natural Gas plant off the NW coast of Australia. Total installed cost would be 65 Billion USD, the world’s largest capital project ever for the industry.