By ironCore

The Challenge:

The Mission of FinCEN is to support law enforcement through financial intelligence & analysis, administering policy and wider regulatory responsibilities, and focusing on ever-increasing threats from terrorism through strengthened international financial systems.

Actions Taken:

TerconPartners was chosen by FinCEN to design and implement a program for accelerating leadership development and equipping leaders to assume increasing levels of responsibility for addressing and resolving individual, team and overall business challenges. When designing the program, TPI ensured that concrete, real-time business challenges facing FinCEN were incorporated into the
Leadership Assessment and Coaching Program, in order to provide immediate and sustaining applications for participant development.

In addition, TPI developed mini-case studies built around those challenges for use in the leader development group skill-building workshops. The goal was to provide immediate and sustaining application of knowledge and skills being acquired by program participants.

Outcomes Achieved:

Increased leader agility…