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The Challenge:

The Mission of HUD’s Acquisitions Management Services Department is to enable HUD to achieve improved time to market by having completed acquisitions packages to support procurements and secure funding in a timely manner. Recently, Department management had become concerned about frequent communication breakdowns within the team and deadlines being missed.

Actions Taken:

Management chose TPI to conduct an assessment of the department’s strengths and development needs in terms of teamwork, collaboration and quality of communication within the team. TPl’s Report of Findings summarized the team’s key strengths and high priority development needs. The importance of team
members learning to work together more collaboratively and efficiently was clearly identified, as was the need to resolve some long-standing interpersonal conflicts within the team that had severely reduced trust.

TPI designed a two-day Teambuilding Workshop that included: 1.) A Communication Style Preference Assessment, 2.) TPl’s Team Trust Index™ assessment, 3.) Joint problem-solving games & activities, and 4.) Techniques for improving the quality of communication within the team.

Outcomes Achieved:

The design of the two-day event promoted good interaction and participant involvement from the start. And interpersonal barriers continued to breakdown through games and small-group problem-solving games and
activities. The main goal -which was to “Clear the Air” and teach good teaming skills to participants -was achieved as reflected in their participation and written feedback at the end of the session. TPl’s follow up discussions with team members and management confirmed that significant improvements in team performance had been achieved.

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