By ironCore

OIG_0The Challenge:

Within HHS, the Mission of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) is to protect the integrity of HHS programs, as well as the health and welfare of their beneficiaries. The Exclusions Branch (EB) is responsible for executing the OIG authority to investigate and exclude individuals not incompliance with federal regulations. As part of a major change initiative that had recently been introduced, TerconPartners was chosen by the OIG to conduct a comprehensive and objective assessment of the Exclusions Branch for the purpose of improving overall performance through coaching and developing leaders, improving efficiencies, and reducing costs.

Actions Taken:

TPI conducted multi-level interviews of a cross-section of the EB and introduced two key base-lining tools to define the “as is” state. The first was a customized 360 Leader Assessment, and the second was TPl’s High Performing Team Index™.

From this initial data gathering step, TPI worked with leaders to develop customized Individual Development Plans to leverage leader strengths and address high priority development needs. Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions were established with each leader. Additionally, monthly coaching sessions for the agency’s Management Team were conducted in the fundamentals of building and sustaining a High Performing Team within the Exclusions Branch.

Outcomes Achieved:

Following this phase of TerconPartners’ engagement, interviews conducted with staff and results from the re-administration of the High Performing Team Index™ indicated significant improvement in key metrics for the majority of leaders participating in the program. The team survey specifically found improvement in the quality of communication and collaboration occurring across regions. And, survey open-ended questions identified the need for management to increase its communication to staff about the timing, scope and anticipated impact on individuals of the changes that were being rolled out as the EB major change
initiative progresses.