By Jeannette Terry

What does the organization of the future look like?

You might imagine flying cars commuting to work and incredible automated technology, but the changes organizations will undergo in the next few years may be less scifi movie, and more about real, interpersonal collaboration.

After reviewing a number of recent journal articles and surveys conducted by well-known experts in the fields of Organizational Development and Human Capital Management, our research team identified three trends that our clients and colleagues will want to watch the impact of in the year ahead.

1. Flattening Organizations

In 2018, many organizations will seek structural changes that remove layers of management and eliminate steep hierarchies. Flat (or “flatter”) organizations benefit from improved coordination of work, increased speed of communication across the organization and quicker decision-making. In addition, employees are more motivated and have a stronger sense of “ownership” of business results achieved.

2. Improving Leader Agility

Leader agility is defined as the ability to take effective action in complex and rapidly changing conditions. It has been found to be a reliable predictor of a leader’s ability to be successful. Coaching and training programs for increasing leader agility are expected to proliferate in a variety of formats and technologies in the coming year.

3. Aligning the Multi-General Workforce

Theoretically, the current workforce can span ages 18 to 80. Bridging the gap between such age-diverse employees has become a challenge that is critical to organizational success. Differences in personal and work values, communication styles, and approaches to problem-solving, for example, can create negative stereotypes and increased interpersonal conflict. Human Capital professionals will be looked to for practical solutions that help companies leverage diversity for a strategic advantage and develop multi-generational teams that learn to appreciate and leverage differences.

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About the author

Jeannette Terry

Under Terry’s leadership, TerconPartners has grown from a regionally focused firm in America to an international human capital consultancy. Terry has extensive experience supporting major capital projects, where she has collaborated with project executives and teams to achieve performance breakthroughs and to dramatically improve organizational capability. She has coached leaders and developed multi-cultural and multi-discipline teams on five continents and in several off-shore facilities.

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